December 17, 2007

A Battle of Galactic Proportions

Posted by Adam Graham in : Presidential Race 2008

I’ve said some nice things about Paul Supporters in regards to their dedication and ingenuity. The problem, however, is that  far too many of them create problems for Paul in winning the GOP nomination. Consider this quote from the Daily Paul:

RebelRevolution78 deserves the credit for this line. To me, it’s brilliant. There is Ron Paul, and then everybody else: the Darkside.

There is a palpable good-evil, dark-light aspect to this campaign. I don’t know why I never realized it before. It’s basically Ron Paul vs Everybody Else. The Bearer of Light vs the Darkside.

Paul brings peace, freedom, prosperity, self-reliance and a restoration to the Constitution and its values. There is light surrounding him and his campaign.

The Darkside brings more war, taxation, empire building and the trampling of freedom and rights. There is darkness here, despite the smiling faces and clever quips.

In our conversations with others, using “the Darkside” to describe the other candidates is a fine summary in one word.

Indeed, it is-if one is looking to totally alienate people from your campaign. Advising them that their candidates are from the dark side, sure as heck is one way to do it.Some are even said to buy youtube views for their campaigns but who knows if it’s really true. I can’t identify any one in the GOP race, who I’d describe as on the dark side. Perhaps there are folks who are wrong, corrupt, etc. but that doesn’t make them the dark side. If Paul supporters wish to persist in this labeling, perhaps I can suggest an appropriate voter guide:


  1. Comment by FerryLechero

    I support Ron Paul, although i don’t think that he is vs everyone else or vice versa. And also not everyone goes to this “dark side”. Well, they are the others but not the bad one e.g.Anyway, I support Ron Paul

  2. Comment by Kate

    I support Ron Pauls complete “Message” brought to you from the U.S. Constitution, therefore I support Ron Paul. It really is as simple as that.

  3. Comment by Drake Mallard

    Ron Paul is the man.. No argument there. However, Darkwing Duck is not on the “dark side”. Don’t let his name fool you.

  4. Comment by Adam Graham

    Actually, pictured is Darkwing’s nemesis, Negaduck.

  5. Comment by Andrea Graham

    They are identical twins, so I suppose they get that all the time. But laugh a little guys. Adam was mainly having fun.


  6. Comment by Steltek

    I like how you included a picture of Darkseid to illustrate the Dark Side.

  7. Comment by Adam Graham

    Yeah, I was originally going to make the entire thing just “Darkseid” but figured most folks wouldn’t recognize him. Don’t know how many people are aware of Jack Kirby’s “New Gods” series.

    Andrea, actually depending on the story, Negaduck was portrayed as either a split of Darkwing’s personality or a version of him from an alternate universe (The Negaverse) that escaped into our world.

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