August 8, 2007

An Audience with the Don (Surber That Is)

Posted by Adam Graham in : Podcast

I was honored to interview one of the great bloggers out there, Don Surber.  Don’s a columnist for the Charleston Daily Mail and a blogger and he brings perspectives of both worlds to this fun interview. Issues discussed include:

  • Barry Bonds and 756
  • What the media doesn’t understand about bloggers.
  • On Blogging’s biggest Glenns: Glenn Reynolds and Glenn Greenwald
  • Why issues are given short shrift in the Presidential election media coverage.
  • Why a newspaper columnist blogs.

Also we get the my big curious question. Has Don Surber ever considered a run for political office?

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  3. Comment by Jay S.

    Thank’s for doing the interview with Don. I had read his column for years and was happy to find that he had a blog with a comment section. Now I could point out the lack of logic and factual basis for many of his posits, almost in real time. That was until I made the grievous error of linking to his own archived words(only weeks previous) to discredit a post while simultaneously questioning whether he really earned his pay with such an obvious display of expedience. For this I was ejected.

    The irony of having a post on Don Surber right next to the words “If we can’t cheat, we can’t compete” is huge. I have no problem with conservative ideology. In fact, I believe that we need both conservative and liberal ideology because their mutual existence assures balance. But if prevarication and distortion and inconsistency is necessary to defend one’s ideology then it must not be much of a belief system. That’s not to say that Surber is the only one on either side, but his is so obvious and comes from my hometown. In short, Don Surber and those like him lack honor and do our nation a disservice. His glee over Conress’ low poll ratings, just like Democrats’glee over Bush’s low ratings, selfishly ignore the fact that this lowers our global standing and we should be holding our leaders accountable with equal vigor.

    I was glad to hear discomfort in your voice, Adam, as Don attempted to defend his posts on cleavage. This whole tack of discussion is equal to the legend of Nero’s fiddling; if we can’t find something substantial to say about candidates in an early campaign season then maybe we shouldn’t drag it down to that level as a substitute, no matter how “fun” it is. Edwards’ haircuts, Clinton’s infidelity, Reagan consulting astrologers. Almost all world leaders are kooky in some way and these microscopic investigations keep true and worthy leaders away from public life. To our nations detriment. But it’s easy for people like Don Surber who are, I believe, are lazy and, again lacking in honor.

    Thanks for letting me comment.

  4. Comment by Jay S.

    ET Tu, Adam. No swear words, no personal attacks and yet my comments can’t stand? Did I lie? What’s the problem, my friend?

  5. Comment by Jay S.

    Sorry about that last – my comments didn’t come up. I apologize.

  6. Comment by Adam Graham

    Generally, WordPress does moderate the first comments.

    Jay, Don and I have are disagreements, but we have one thing in common, we’re both human and the nature of humanity is to make mistakes, and we also have disagreements, that’s also human. I enjoy Don as a writer. I wouldn’t do everything he does, but he’s one of the funnest bloggers around.

  7. Comment by Jay S.

    Thanks for your comment. I would never ride anybody for common errors – hell, look at my writing. It is the intentional that I have a problem with. He’s a professional and his on-line demeanor should reflect that. I’m sure you were unaware of his unwritten policy of removing posts that prove him wrong and I wasn’t trying to project his behavior onto you. I just thought that you and your readers might like to have the full picture of a man you bestowed approval on. Again, I have no problem with Conservatism (we need it)but if a professional writer has to take short-cuts and cannot defend his positions then he is not doing anybody but himself (his paycheck) any good. And don’t just take my word for it – it’s out there.

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