October 24, 2008

An Unrighteous Wind

Posted by Adam Graham in : Podcast,Presidential Race 2008

  Podcast Show Notes

Would this display be allowed about Barack Obama? (Hat Tip: The Midnight Sun.)

A McCain volunteer assaulted in New York. (Hat Tip: Newsbusters.)

 The home of a Florida Republican HQ Manager shot up over McCain signs.

Barack Obama claims a righteous wind at his back.  (Hat Tip: Don Surber.)

It’s despicable! Daffy Duck gives money to Obama. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.)

Does Obama even care if illegal contributions are coming into his website?

Will Obama pony up street money?

12 fraudulent votes cancelled. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.)

ACORN worker busted for voter fraud in Pennsylvania. (Hat Tip: Stop the ACLU.)

Maybe calling his constituents racists wasn’t such a hot idea for John Murtha.

The Day pigs flew: Dan Rather calls out liberal media bias.

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  1. Comment by Bubblehead

    Just wanted to congratulate you for not falling for the “politically-aware mugger” story out of Pittsburgh. I only wish Clayton Cramer had shown your ability to recognize a likely fraud.

  2. Comment by Adam Graham

    I don’t hold it against Clayton. A lot of people jumped this. I was a little suspicious with the Black Assailant, and then when I read Michelle Malkin’s concerns, that made me hold off. There’s enough real and verifiable junk going on such as that display in New York without making stuff up.

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