June 29, 2008

Call Me Hussein?

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Podcast Show Notes

Do we really need to know about comic heroes political affiliations?

Plus, the latest creepy Obama supporter trend: taking his middle name.

Plus Jon Stewart has his Jay Leno moment as he learns to stop worrying and poke fun at Obama like any other politician.

Republicans do a study to conclude that their strategy is not working after losing 3 special elections in traditionally Republican areas.

Richard Daley fights for Chicago’s ineffectual gun ban that puts the lives of citizens in danger.

Canada’s Human Rights Commission surrenders in their attacks on Mark Steyn and Maclean’s Magazine to go after easier pickings.

The bungling incompetence of Arapahoe County, Colorado traumatizes an 8-year old boy and his parents.

San Francisco shows contempt for the troops by banning Junior ROTC.

McCain says Amnesty a priority: today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

The Millionaire exemption gutted as a piece of McCain-Feingold bites the dust and calls into question what type of judges McCain will appoint.

Second Amendment updates from the South and Detroit.

Canadian Government forces kids to be taught homosexual propoganda against the will of parents. (Hat Tip: Political Correctness Watch.)

A dumb global warming solution: banning drive thrus.  (Hat Tip: Wizbang.)

The Vatican encourages Christian involvement in politics.

Homeless people in Texas pay it forward and give generously to help the poor in Africa.

Music by Jessica Vasquez via the Podsafe Music network.  

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