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May 16, 2018

Thoughts on the Idaho Governor’s Race

Filed under: Idaho Conservative, The - 16 May 2018

So it looks like Lieutenant Brad Little has narrowly won Idaho’s Governor’s race. He leads Raul Labrador by four points with only thirty-two precincts to be counted and the AP has called the race. At the same time, former State …

February 27, 2016

For President Marco Rubio

Filed under: Idaho Conservative, The - 27 Feb 2016

For those who followed me on Social media, I’ve been pretty clear what I’m against when it comes to the 2016 Presidential race, but I’ve had less to say about who I’m for since Governor Mike Huckabee left the race …

May 19, 2014

How I’ll Be Voting on Tuesday

Filed under: Idaho Conservative, The - 19 May 2014

The other day I was playing my online videogames and getting elo boosting services when I noticed this blog has been quiet as I’ve been pursuing other projects. Yet, I should share how …

July 5, 2013

Robo Dinosaurs at Zoo Boise

Filed under: Idaho Conservative, The - 05 Jul 2013


Let me preface this blog post by saying:
1) I love animal and I love the zoo.

2) My wife and I hold an annual pass to Zoo Boise.

3) We were upset when the …

February 10, 2013

Should Raul Labrador Run for Governor?

Filed under: Idaho Conservative, The - 10 Feb 2013

I’ve read a lot of opinions on the question of whether Raul Labrador should run for Governor. Some have said that Labrador running for Governor would be harmful and that he should stay in the U.S. House.

Let me say that …

January 30, 2013

Sheriff Raney Will Take Your Gun Away-But He Won’t Like It

Filed under: Idaho Conservative, The - 30 Jan 2013

Across the West, Sheriffs have been pledging not to seize firearms. Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney sounds an entirely different tone in a Reader’s View in the Idaho Statesman. He writes:
I did not swear to uphold just part of …

January 27, 2013

Raul for Governor….And Other Conservative Idaho Thoughts

Filed under: Idaho Conservative, The - 27 Jan 2013

Some quick Idaho notes:

I’m on board if Congressman Raul Labrador runs for governor. We’ve had a Republican Governor in Idaho for 20 years but you wouldn’t know it looking at the state of our state’s finances, its tax code, or …

January 26, 2013

Our Tolerance for Evil

Filed under: Idaho Conservative, The - 26 Jan 2013

From the Idaho Statesman:

Owyhee Prosecutor Doug Emory said Thursday he would not seek the death penalty against Herrera, who could still be sent to prison for life, without parole, if found guilty of first degree murder.

An Owyhee County grand …

September 6, 2012

Things Not to Say Two Months Before the Election

Filed under: 2012,Idaho Conservative, The - 06 Sep 2012

Kevin Richert reports:
Rep. Paul Ryan is a popular budget-writer in GOP circles. Based on the math of the Electoral College, Mitt Romney would have been better off looking elsewhere for a running mate.

That was the assessment offered by Sen. …

August 4, 2012

Some Innocence is More Equal Than Others

Filed under: Idaho Conservative, The - 04 Aug 2012

In the pass few days, we have another story illustrating the disparate way that adult women abusing teen boys are treated v. adults men abusing teen girls:
A 34-year-old Middleton woman has been sentenced to eight years in prison, including two fixed, …

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