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February 3, 2009

Man of Steele Shows Some Spine

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Podcast Show Notes

Where’s Obama as Kentucky freezes and residents are forced to cross state lines to get gas. (Hat Tip: Baseball Crank.)

Bi-partisanship: Obama’s definition of.

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December 8, 2008

Blogging the Right Thing: Big Ideas Don’t Mean Big Government

Filed under: Presidential Race 2008 - 08 Dec 2008

We have reached that day which Huckabee critics have dreamed about for weeks. This is the final chapter a look at the epilogue of Mike Huckabee’s “Do the Right Thing.”

Huckabee states that what’s often needed for big ideas to work …

December 2, 2008

Blogging the Right Thing: Let Them Buy Stocks

Filed under: Presidential Race 2008 - 02 Dec 2008

Chapter 8 of “Do the Right Thing” actually comes from a line Huckabee wishes he’d shouted out in a debate in response to Mitt Romney’s suggestion that buying High Yield stocks was an economic solution.

Huckabee argues that Republicans …

November 20, 2008

HUCKPAC Goes Down to Georgia

Filed under: Presidential Race 2008 - 20 Nov 2008

From HUCKPAC regarding the big Senate runoff between Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga) and Democrat Jim Martin.
We are dusting off the cobwebs on the phone bank tool and hooking it up to Huck PAC. We hope to begin calling …

November 13, 2008

Obama Resigns U.S. Senate as of Sunday…

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People of Illinois notice no decline in their representation

Thought of the day: Had Obama run for the Senate saying, “If you elect me to the U.S. Senate, I will serve for two years and then run for President. Your …

November 12, 2008

The 13 Keys Revisited for 2008 and 2012

I’ve referred frequently to the 13 Keys system for forecasting the Presidency. The system was developed by Professor Allan Lichtman. The system has predicted the popular vote turnout of every election since 1884.

Lichtman explains his model this way:
The Keys show that …

November 10, 2008

Understanding Palin Power

Filed under: Presidential Race 2008 - 10 Nov 2008

In a CBS Poll after the 1992 election, 12% of Republicans supported Dan Quayle for President. In 1996, no one clamored for Jack Kemp to run in 2000. After the 2000 campaign, Joe Lieberman’s 2004 effort bombed worse than Howard …

November 7, 2008

Thank You, Governor Palin

Filed under: Presidential Race 2008 - 07 Nov 2008

Coming into the GOP Convention, I didn’t plan on providing much support to the GOP ticket. I certainly wasn’t going to publicly oppose Senator McCain, but I also sure as heck wasn’t going to do a whole lot for him.

By …

With Unhingedness Towards None

After the crushing defeat, Republicans face a tough road back. How do we get there? I’ll be addressing this in the next few columns.

The first thing is to learn from the lessons of the past sixteen years. Under George W. …

November 6, 2008

Republicans Must Change

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Podcast Show Notes 

Republicans must again become a party worthy Americans support again by championing great ideas.

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