September 18, 2007

Constitution in the Balance

Posted by Adam Graham in : Podcast

Podcast Notes

People don’t take the Constitution seriously (hat tip: Outside the Beltway.) This is why we get grossly unconstitutional ideas such as the proposal to grant the District of a Columbia a vote in the US House.  The Constitution says that the US House shall be made up of the people of the several states. DC is not a state, therefore no congressman. What’s so hard to understand about that?

Three Democratic Congressmen received  a combined$1.3 million in campaign contributions from a lobbying firm that won $110 million in defense appropriations from the new Democratic Congress. As Don Surber points out, this is a 7500% return.

By the way, Senators Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Judd Gregg (R-NH) are declaring that entitlement spending is headed for a clift. Their solution? Form a bi-partisan commission. Yeah, just what I do when I headed for a clift? Whatever the commission’s proposed changes, they’ll be ignored just as prior bi-partisan commissions were. Time does not make hard choices easier.

Hillary Clinton has come out with a new health care plan (hat tip:Red Sate.) that requires everyone to have insurance, Mitt Romney is criticizing the plan despite eery similarities between it and the plan he pushed in Massachusetts.

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Correction: In the podcast, I cite the story on Mitt’s opposition as coming from the AP, when it was from the Boston Globe.


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  1. Comment by Perri Nelson

    The constitution does not allow the District of Columbia to have a representative or a senator because it is not a state. Even the amendments to the constitution that deal with the District of Columbia and court opinions do not allow the District to be treated as a state.

    The constitution also does not allow the federal government to establish entitlement programs. That is a matter that is left to the states. In fact the constitution explicitly tells us that the powers that are not given to the federal government nor prohibited to the states belong to the states. Unfortunately that concept has been out of favor in government circles since the early 19th century.

    As for Mitt Romney and Hillary-care, I’m not aware of the specific criticisms that Mr. Romney has for the plan, but the overriding one aught to be that the federal government has neither the power nor the authority to implement a national healthcare plan. The states on the other hand do, so if Mr. Romney supported such a plan in Massachusetts, then the only objection I would have to that is if the Massachusetts state constitution forbade it.

  2. Comment by Rosemary

    Follow the money…

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