November 2, 2008

Dead Woman Voting

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Podcast Show Notes

No legitimate reason for Joe the Plumber search. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.)

In Ohio: the dead vote.

Has Barack Obama done anything yet?’

Obama plans to lower expectations but only have after he’s won. (Hat Tip: Reformed Chicks Babbling.)

Publishing the addresses and posting pictures of the homes of people with McCain signs.  

Sarah Palin and special needs families.

Do Pro-Life laws make a difference? (Hat Tip: Dawn Patrol.)

Our second Amendment Update via Gun Watch.

The kindness of a stranger.  (Hat Tip: Crunchy Con.)

Music by James Larson via the Podsafe Music Network.

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    Report from Iraq: Results and Lessons of the Surge…

    The Vets For Freedom sent eight Iraqi Vets back to Iraq over this summmer, and the final report has been finished. This covers lessons they learned from the time they were there until the time they went back. You could say this is After Action Report…..

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    Where do you find the time??? My Inbox is keeping me too busy. Grr. I want to read! 😉

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