March 6, 2006

Death Threats on Boise Student

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From Human Events U, a report that a Boise State University Student has received a death threat:

The Network of College Conservatives (NCC) has learned, via a student complaint, of a death threat made against Brandon Stoker, president of the College Republicans and student senator at Boise State University. The threat, written anonymously on a bathroom stall in the school library, read:

“Brandon Stoker needs to be shot.”
“Yeah, and bill his family for the bullet!!!”

Stoker said he immediately informed a member of the library staff. He requested the words be “promptly removed” from the stall and filed a complaint with campus security. But the threat has remained on the wall for weeks! In fact, Stoker says he made three complaints to library employees over a four-week period before the words were finally painted over.

Why isn’t Brandon’s case getting more attention? It would if he were gay:

“Interestingly, in March of 2005, when a gay student leader received a death threat, which, admittedly, was more serious and threatening in nature, the administration and the university were QUICK to condemn the act. Public relations campaigns were launched preaching tolerance and support for the gay community. Yet, when conservatives are victimized by similar treatment, the administration is silent,” says Stoker.

Well, I’m spreading the word. I’ll write a Letter to the Editor when I get home tonight. The idea of threats of violence being used against political opponents is unacceptable and has to be dealt with.

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