April 24, 2008

District 20 State Senate Endorsement

Posted by Adam Graham in : Idaho Conservative, The

The choice between Senator Shirley McKague (R-20) and Representative Mark Snodgrass (R-20) couldn’t be more clear.

On the Idaho Conservative scorecards, McKague was the 3rd Most Conservative member of the Senate (92%), while Rep. Snodgrass was the 3rd most liberal House Republican (67%).

According to the Statesman’s voter guide, Snodgrass favors increased taxes and registration fees to fix roads, McKague supports an audit of the transportation department to make sure that the money we’re spending is being spent efficiently before considering any tax increase.

McKague voted for the I-Stars merit pay plan for teachers, while Snodgrass opposes.

Snodgrass favors burdening taxpayers with expensive pre-K programs on top of our massive spending on K-12 education, McKague would not.

In a State Senate that’s beset by moderate and liberal Republicans, we don’t need another one, particularly from a relatively conservative area like Meridian. The Conservative choice is clear. Vote McKague.

Prior Endorsement: Senator Russ Fulcher


  1. Comment by Bubblehead

    My previous comment got eaten, so I’ll just put up this highlight: You do realize that McKague is going to lose, dont’ you?

  2. Comment by Adam Graham

    Didn’t know my job was to be a weather vain.

  3. Comment by Bubblehead

    No, it’s not; I was just wondering if you knew that she’s going to lose. She’s got basically no signs up here in Meridian, and Snodgrass has one every few hundred yards on the major streets.

  4. Comment by Adam Graham

    Well, some people don’t get their yard signs up until a couple weeks before the election because of the possibility of Yard Sign thieves. I wouldn’t make a predicted based on signs alone though that might be more valid a week out from the election.

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