October 21, 2008

Don’t Bank on an Exit

Posted by Adam Graham in : Podcast,Presidential Race 2008

Podcast Show Notes

Sarah Palin identifies the most fearsome crisis facing the Obama campaign.

Be careful when hoping for change.

Bankers see no end to the bailout.

Noah Webster and the truth of our times.

St. Louis Catholic Bishop lays it on the line.  (Hat Tip: The Corner.)

Opponents of traditional marriage target Mormon supporters of Proposition 8. (Hat Tip: The Corner.)

A Pro-Life pharmacy opens in Virginia. (Hat Tip: Jill Stanek.)

Are you smarter than a Daily Show viewer? (Hat Tip: Newsbusters.)

Click here to listen, click here to download.

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  1. Trackback by Rosemary's Thoughts

    Biden: They’ll Test Obama Within 6 Months…

    Both camps are scrambling. One is amiss trying to cover this foreign policy debate, the other is on the jump to illuminate this gaffe by Sen. Biden. The McCain/Palin camp knows that the media will not cover this as they would had Gov. Sarah Palin…

  2. Comment by Rosemary

    Hi guy. How are you doing? Everything okay? Sure hope so. 😉

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