August 28, 2007

Doolittle Undone Thanks to Club for Growth

Posted by Adam Graham in : Podcast

Podcast Show Notes 

The Club for Growth RePork card is having a marvelous effect and may at least lead to some accountability for some pork barrel politicians. After learning of Doolittle’s 2% score on the RePork, a long time supporter, Ken Campbell of the Placer County GOP has had enough, he says principles are more important than personalities. We need more people to realize that and for the GOP to clean out the big spenders. (Hat Tip: Club for Growth)

Also, the majority of American women conclude abortion is bad for women, which means the American pro-choice movement is out of touch, particularly with leadership that opposes any reasonable regulation of abortion.

Finally, we take a look at a situation where the Gideons are in trouble for distributing Bibles in schools, but as one blogger asks, would the ACLU care if it were the Koran?

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