July 1, 2007

For the Benefit of the Few

Posted by Adam Graham in : Podcast

Truth and Hope Report Show Notes


A recent heritage foundation study shows members of the House Appropriations Committee got an inordinate amount of pork projects. (Hat Tip: Club for Growth)


Meanwhile, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. tries to get funds appropriated for a non-existent airport.


Then, what’s Congress without a little hypocrisy? Gabrielle Giffords made her way to Congress by criticizing industries she’s highly vested in.


Meanwhile, after decades of social liberalism in the Netherlands, at last some common sense and sanity is returning to the country, but will it be too late to save that country? Will we avoid their fate? (Hat Tip: Evangelical Outpost)

We then turned to immigration, and the case of family that has sent 18 years in the US, built a business, and a home in the United States, and are being sent away from our country because of one wrong form.

Other Stories

The RIAA is being sued for malicious prosecution. (Hat Tip: Instapundit)

Pro-Life teachers stand up against the pro-abortion National Education Association.

A school girl in England is banned from wearing a chastity ring.

Officials in Egypt crack down on female circumcision.

A Swedish court upholds a rapist’s right to porn.

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