January 1, 2008

Government Helps Pay for an Expense They Caused

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Podcast Show Notes

Doubtless, some will hail this as another gift from a beneficent government. A coupon for $40 good towards the purchase of a digital converter box that will allow those of us who have analog sets and don’t get Cable to buy a box that will allow our TVs to continue to work after 2009 when all broadcasters will switch to digital signals only. The one problem: the government is the one who required it to be shut off in a move that benefits broadcasters and equipment manufacturers but your average consumer? Not so much.

Also, an inside look at Sexual harassment training. (Hat Tip: Stop the ACLU.)

The Virgin Mary replaced with Lucy, Donkeys getting one hour lunches and other PC absurdities from Great Britain. (Hat Tip: Reformed Chicks Babbling.)

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