April 4, 2008

Grassroots Pundits: Talking Primary Reform

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Podcast Show Notes

It’s five conservative pundits for the price one: I was joined  joined by Warner Todd Huston, Hatton HumphreyDavid Oatney, Ken Marrero, and briefly, Fabian Story.

First up, we tackle the new RNC Rules Committee primary reform effort. Is it enough and will John McCain back it?

Who served? Who didn’t? A question of military service? No, we find out which grassroots pundits did their time as pizza delivery men, (mama mia) as we discuss Pizza Hut’s dismissal of a delivery driver for using his concealed gun to defend himself and whether a boycott might in order as Ed Morrissey suggests.

We take a look at the state of the Clinton Campaign, her latest whopper and the campaign’s decline in the polls. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.)

Also a look at Chelsea’s odd campaign appearances in Kentucky and Barack Obama’s anti-concealed carry statement in Pennsylvania.

Then we move on to the Republican side, where McCain’s having trouble winning conservatives over as cash men from other campaigns aren’t coming aboard the straight talk express. We discuss whether McCain’s doing enough and look at what impact the potential candidacy of Bob Barr will have on the McCain campaign.

Also, is McCain being foolish by refusing Secret Service protection? All this plus special orders from Warner Tood, Hatton, David, Ken, and Adam.

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