July 29, 2007

Hillary’s Aristocrats

Posted by Adam Graham in : Politics,Presidential Race 2008

Hillary Clinton’s dreaming of a political aristocracy with its own college:

Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton told college Democrats on Saturday she would create a national academy to train public servants.

“I’m going to be asking a new generation to serve,” she said. “I think just like our military academies, we need to give a totally all-paid education to young men and women who will serve their country in a public service position.”

Lovely, just what Americans are crying for. A school to train people to be politicians for free, at taxpayer expense. What Mrs. Clintons wants is an established order of career politicians to rule the country, people who are bred, taught, trained, and prepared for nothing else.

Our nation’s military colleges serve a vital purpose, teaching people vital principles to survive and thrive in military activities. However, our system needs less professional politicians, not more. We hope that people who go through the Naval Academy will be career navy officers.

If we really want to have a national academy for something, how about something useful like nurses. I wouldn’t generally favor that, but it’d sure make a heck of a lot more sense than an academy for those who want to spend their lives making money at taxpayer expense and trading favors. If you really want a career in politics, go to one of the existing universities or colleges and study for a Bachelors Degree in political science.

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  2. Comment by Chris Myers Asch


    While I appreciate the publicity that you have brought to the U.S. Public Service Academy, I must disagree with your assessment of the idea. I understand that you may not trust Sen. Clinton and thus you are concerned about the Academy idea, but I urge you to keep an open mind about it until you can learn more.

    There is a movement to build the Academy that extends far beyond Sen. Clinton or her campaign. Sen. Clinton has co-sponsored the Senate legislation, but we have bipartisan support — folks like Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rep. Tom Davis, as well as many military leaders (including the last three superintendents of West Point) are also behind the bill. They certainly are not interested in building a school to develop “Hillary’s aristocrats,” and neither are we.

    This is not a Democratic idea, nor is it a Republican idea. It is an American idea. It promises to revitalize our public sector by developing stronger leadership. Why does this idea appeal to conservatives? For a number of reasons:
    1) The Academy will make government better, not bigger.

    2) The Academy will focus on character, leadership development, and patriotic service.

    3) The Academy will challenge American higher education to do more to encourage a sense of duty and civic obligation.

    Ironically, our strongest opposition to date generally has come from liberals in higher education who think they already do a fine job of preparing our public leaders. Perhaps you agree with them. We think America deserves better.

    I encourage you and your readers to find out more about the movement to build the Public Service Academy by visiting:

    Chris Myers Asch

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  4. Comment by Peter

    Dear Adam: Thanks for calling public attention to the National Public Service Academy. This smells like a bad idea to me, and I hope others will investigate it carefully before deciding whether or not to back it. I have written something about it on my own blog/website. Thanks again.

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