May 19, 2014

How I’ll Be Voting on Tuesday

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The other day I was playing my online videogames and getting elo boosting services when I noticed this blog has been quiet as I’ve been pursuing other projects. Yet, I should share how I’ll vote on Tuesday.

Senator: Jim Risch

I’m pleased with the job he’s done for our state and I think he deserves another term.

Congressman 2nd District: Bryan Smith

Mr. Simpson has fought dirty throughout this race and tried to lie about liberal he is. And let me say, I don’t think he’s liberal per se. He’d be considered Conservative if he were running in I don’t know Brooklyn, but this is Idaho. He doesn’t take the threat of our national debt seriously as he proposes only the passage of a Constitutional Amendment to Balance the Budget. Given how Simpson spends tax money on bigger government and more spending, he’s practically begging us, “Stop me before I spend again.” We need more fiscal discipline.

Governor: Russ Fulcher

I think Butch Otter may have held to many fine principles, maybe sometimes in the 1970s or 1980s,  but his tenure in office and overall legacy as Governor is as someone who flounced around reactively from one situation to the next. He has no ideas to move the state forward. He has no ideas to create an environment to create high quality jobs. He represents a time of careerism and cronyism that is the corrosive battery acid eating away at our state’s civic life. His desperation was shown in his stunt on the debate stage.

I would give more credence to his malarkey rhetoric about wanting every candidate to be heard if he hadn’t flat out refused to debate Rex Rammell, Sharon Ullman, Pete Peterson, and Walt Bayes in 2010.

Lieutenant Governor: Jim Chmelik

I support replacing Brad Little because getting rid of Otter without replacing Little merely allows the oligarchy to continue.

Secretary of State: Lawrence Denney

It’s a tough call between him and Toryanski in my heart, but my gut says it’s either Denney or another four years of the party establishment.

State Controller: Todd Hatfield

Attorney General: Chris Troupis

I don’t hold the matter of Wasden’s office accidentally signing wrong brief in Heller and then correcting it. It was a bad show to be sure. I just believe Chris Troupis would be a better attorney general.

Treasurer: Ron Crane

Superintendent: John Enyon

Supreme Court Justice: Joel Horton

Judicial campaigns are studies in false advertising. A candidate has to give both sides of the aisle that they’re with them and I know that are convinced that Breck Seiniger is with them, but he’s also posting on the Idaho Young Democrat Facebook wall. Horton hasn’t been that bad and I’m not convinced his opponent will be better, so I’m voting for Horton.

Ada County Coroner: Mike Chilton

District 4 Judge: Richard Greenwood

I honestly don’t even known if I’m in this district. Judged by the mailers by Les Bock I am but several tools say that I’m not. Regardless, if you have this race on your ballot, vote for Arnold. Bock failed as one of Idaho’s furthest left legislators and now once his chance to began a career in the world of black robed tyranny.  Let’s retire Les Bock for good.

District 4 Judge: Samuel Hoagland

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