October 17, 2011

I Got My Obamacare Premium Hike

Posted by Adam Graham in : Barack Obama

I got a look at my new health insurance premiums at work.  (Subtitle: The rising cost of heatlhcare comes to the Graham family.”) The result: to maintain comparable coverage to what I have this year, in 2012, I’ll have to pay nearly double what I paid this year, a gross  increase of $61 a pay period or $1,586 a year, though this is offset by $238 due to a reduction in gross income, so the net is $1348.

Of course, I’m hardly alone in seeing staggering increases in the cost of health care as the insurance companies brace for the impact of the full implementation of Obamacare. (i.e. Patient Protection and Affordable (Heh)  Care Act.)

On the way up to being middle class,  from being a poor kid living in Montana, I heard constantly how Republicans in the lower and middle classes were voting against their own interests. Something like the premium hikes that have sprung up from Obamacare. suggests that it may be middle class Democrats who are voting against their own interests.

After all, the vast majority of Americans who had perfectly fine healthcare  insurance  prior to the passage of Obamacare really didn’t benefit from this “reform. ” If you voted for Obama, you voted for a huge spike in your health insurance premiums. President Obama promised not to raise your taxes if you earned less than $250,000 (smokers and those who use tanning beds have already been lied to) but there are other ways for government to increase your expenses without raising taxes.

In addition, a friend in the insurance industry tells me that these hikes are going across the country.

 If you want a brief summation of why this economy is dulldrums, you have two big problems that can be laid at the feet of this administration: 1) the high cost of gasoline (hovering between $3.50 and 4.00 a gallon) caused by this administration’s horrendous and out of touch energy policy which throws up roadblocks to our exploitation of our own resources  and 2) a health care bill that’s vastly increasingly the amount we pay for our health insurance.

America has a 9 +% unemployment rate and those who are employed are getting squeezed by the Obama Administration’s two headed beast.  That’s no formula for economic recovery.

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