March 30, 2009

Idaho Conservative Scorecard Update

Posted by Adam Graham in : Idaho Conservative, The

Usually, I wait until after the session to begin tallying the information for the Idaho Conservative Scorecard. So far, I have a total of 6 Scorecard Votes on the House side, 3 in the Senate.

The six on the House side are:

H0214: Fetal Death Certificate

HJM004: Tenth Amendment/Sovereignty

H0229: Seizure of Guns During an Emergency

H0201: Election Consolidation

H0262: Teacher Salary Reduction

H0216: Pharmacy Conscience Clause

On all six issues, the Idaho Conservative positions is “Yes.”

In the Senate, we have 3 scorecard votes:

S1059: Lottery Incentives for Retailers

S1112: Daycare Regulations

SJM102: Urging Rejection of the Employee Free Choice Act.

On the first two issues, the Idaho Conservative position is “No” and on the third, the Idaho Conservative Position is Yes.

In the House, 33 Members have perfect 100% ratings and 3 Senators (Pearce, Fulcher, and Mortimer) have perfect ratings.

In the House, nine members had 0% scores, as did five Senators (Werk, Kelly, LeFavour, Malepeai, and Stennett.)

This session has had a lot of fill-in Senators and Representatives. For the purpose of the scorecard, the vote of stand-in legislators will count against the person they’re filling in for, as the legislator is the one who is accountable to the public and the one who chose the stand-in.

We’ve got several weeks to go and I expect more votes to go on the scorecard before this is all said and done. I may end up with a bigger house scorecard than we had back in ’07 when there were 9 votes.

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