May 13, 2008

Idaho U.S. House First District Endorsement

Posted by Adam Graham in : Idaho Conservative, The

Congressman Bill Sali (R-ID) has had a heck of a first term. As a freshman Republican from the Minority Party, Sali’s opportunities to make an impact were limited. But he made the most of them. Sali worked across the aisle with Congressman Bruce Braley (D-IA) to pass an Amendment requiring tax forms and instructions be in simple language. It’s a small start to a career that has focused on reforming the mess that is the U.S. Congress.

Sali is to quote Regis Philbin, “only one man” but he is joined by others in a battle for reform and Sali has stood tough. He took heat when he voted against overriding President Bush’s veto of a bloated Labor/HHS bill that included funding for the Special Olympics in Idaho. His refusal to support bloated spending bills because projects for his district were included and the liberal anger directed at him back at home for this contrasts with other Congressmen who refuse to take political risks and just bring home the bacon.

Sali is strongly pro-life and pro-family. His leadership shows 94% voting against pork project, a 100% record from the American Conservative Rating, and a 98% rating for Club for Growth. Sali represents conservative Idaho values and is a key leader for America’s future. So, he of course has my full support. 

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