June 4, 2008

Karate Kid Quote for Wednesday

Posted by Adam Graham in : Open Trackbacks

Karate Kid Quote of the Day via IMBD:

No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. Teacher say, student do. -Miyagi

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    Barak Obama Sr: “Problems facing our Socialism”…

    Via LGF Linkviewer….

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    Wednesday Hero: Sgt. Crystal C. Johnson…

    ..a young lady whose life was changed forever..that night in Iraq. Her convoy of 17, she was driving in the lead, was somewhere in..Iraq. Suddenly they were under ambush..and her truck took the brunt of an explosively formed penetrator (EFP)…

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    Algerian Government Persecutes Christians and ex-Muslims…

    Habiba Kouider used to be a Muslim. Then she converted to Christianity and was baptized. Recently she was pulled off a bus by police who interrogated her in public, rifled through her purse, examining her bibles and other literature, and even performed…

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