August 30, 2008

Liberal Sexism and Hoping for Hurricanes

Posted by Adam Graham in : Podcast,Presidential Race 2008

Podcast Show Notes

Former DNC Chairman seen laughing about hurricane hitting, and joking that “God is on our side.”

The Obama campaign issues a harshly worded attack on Sarah Palin. (Hat Tip: Campaign Spot.) While Senator Obama backtracks and blames his campaign staff for the harsh statement. Responsibility avoidance you can believe in. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.)

Plus, the key question that we really need to ask.

Meanwhile, bloggers and campaign surrogates launch sexist attacks on Palin, while one Congresswoman suggests choosing a woman was an insult to women. (Hat Tip: Talk Left.)

Plus: Palin v. Obama: whose got more necessary experience and which one is running for President.

Plus why Palin’s “troopergate” issue is one Democrats should be wary of bringing up. (Hat Tip: Crunchy Cons.)

Jokes lands Kentucky politico in jail. (Hat Tip: Instapundit.)

Plus Britain cracks down on Crisis Pregnancy Centers. So much for safe, legal, and rare. (Hat Tip: Pro-Life Blogs.)

Click here to listen, click here to download.

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  1. Comment by Carl

    And don’t forget that “compassionate” liberal Michael Moore has also expressed his great satisfaction and pleasure of rooting for Hurrican Gustav. Video at Hot Air:

  2. Comment by Adam Graham

    Thanks, Carl. Knew of the Moore Statement and mentioned in the show.

  3. Comment by Rosemary

    I don’t ever want to hear Michael Moore’s big trap again! You never know where it’s been…

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