July 8, 2007

Live Earth Hypocrisy

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Also Truth and Hope Report Podcast Show Notes

Our top story today is the Live Earth Hypocrisy. Contrary to the claims of being a way to “save the Earth,” the Live Earth concerts in one day will generate a larger carbon footprint than 7000 Englishmen do in a year.  In addition, the concerts are estimated to generate more than 1000 tons of Garbage. The Live Earth concert is little more than feel good nonsense that will do little to help the environment, which really needs innovative free market solutions. (Hat Tip: Wizbang)

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Also, we take a look at Jason Javitz’s analysis of our economy to find our economy is humming on at a much better pace than our media has discussed. One possible explanation. The media and newspaper industry has lost jobs.

We then turn to Socialized medicine and how it may be a threat to national security. Other topics:

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