December 4, 2017

#MeToo for People of the Year

Posted by Adam Graham in : Donald Trump

I read Jonah Goldberg’s take on Time’s Man of the Year Award and found a lot to agree with. Certainly, many choices would be ways to slap Trump and are a bit silly: Robert Mueller hasn’t done anything, nor have the dreamers.  Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman deserves some awards for directing, but person of the year?  And Colin Kaepernick? It’d be interesting to have a Man of the Year who would train the award to get signed as a third-string Quarterback in the CFL.

Yet, I disagree with Goldberg that President Trump deserves the Award. He’s made news and stirred up controversy but affected very little change. Historically after naming a President, Time goes another direction with its next choice.

#MeToo has made a huge impact. The number of icons that have been toppled by women alleging sexual harassment/assault has been stunning: Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, in Louis C.K. and more. It’s a joke that in 2016 if someone was trending on Twitter, it was because they died. In 2017, it was because they were charged with sexual harassment. It’s forced us to confront some true ugliness we’ve avoided for a long time. It’s brought a day of reckoning that is long overdue. It may turn ugly before it’s all said and done, but we can’t ignore these issues any longer.

Trump has continued to be Trump, and through all the bluster is a still meager legislative portfolio. He’s been more active in media criticism. #MeToo has succeeded in getting two major network morning show hosts fired, which is two more than Trump.  ’nuff said.

It’s worth noting that if Trump to repeats as Person of the Year, he’d be the second President to do so. The first was Richard Nixon. Does this President really need more Nixonian precedents?

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