August 27, 2007

Midnight for Larry Craig

Posted by Adam Graham in : Larry Craig

Senator Larry Craig’s guilty plea in June of this year to a charge of lewd conduct should lead to the end of his Senate career. The honorable thing for Larry Craig to do is to resign.

I take no joy in this. Even before moving to Idaho, I had a lot of respect for the him and his service in the Senate. However, the Senate and Idaho are deserving of more respect than Craig gave it.

The Senate is the greatest deliberative body on the face of the Earth. At times, they may behave selfishly or like bickering children, but a member of the Senate, particularly a Senior Senator, stands as a nationally known figure for his state. His actions this past June in a men’s restroom in the Minneapolis Airport disgraced the Senate and Idaho as well.
Senator Craig’s explanation that his actions were misconstrued are belied by the fact that the arresting officer was a professional who has been on this detail for some time. Sergeant Dave Karsnia’s report is absolutely damning in describing the Senator lurking outside Karsnia’s stall for two minutes, and began to follow a familiar pattern used by men “seeking to engage in lewd conduct.”

Senator Craig’s explanation that this was all a “misunderstanding” doesn’t wash. Nor does his explanation of his guilty plea as something he did to resolve the issue expeditiously jibe. No innocent man in his right mind would plead guilty to a loaded charge like “lewd conduct” much less a man with 27 years in Congress. If Senator Craig is lying, he has a serious problem, if he is telling the truth, then he lacks the basic good judgment to be in the United States Senator. Either way, it’s time for him to go.

That Senator Craig should resign does not in any way justify the investigations of his personal life by certain leftists. Nor are those who are joyously celebrating the downfall of another human being anything less than disreputable scoundrels whose blind hatred will in the end threaten the survival of our Republic.
I wish Senator Craig the best. Hopefully, he’ll find grace, healing, and a fresh start in life. I also think it’s appropriate for all people to say a prayer for Senator Craig’s family.

Senator Craig’s past years of Congressional Service have been quite distinguished by thoughtfulness, and firm leadership. It’s a shame for this to be the note on which his career ends. However, a basic respect for the US Senate and for the people of Idaho should lead Senator Craig to step away from public life to get his own house in order.

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Clayton Cramer is also calling for Larry Craig to resign.

And on things, you never expected to read on Adam’s Blog:

Linked by the Daily Kos. Thanks.

I find very fascinating this comment by McJoan who writes in Daily Kos:

My gut says he’s going to resign; his being gay wasn’t a problem for the Idaho GOP just as long as they didn’t “really know” he was gay and didn’t have to think about it. Now that it’s been exposed, and it’s all over the local news according to my sources in Idaho (well, ok, according to mcmom), the pressure is mostly certainly going to be on him.

I find this odd that even the left is equating Craig’s conduct with merely “being gay.”  So, according to the left, adultery and soliciting lewd conduct in a public restroom is just part of what goes along with “being gay?”

Interesting things that come out when liberals are on the attack.


Comments closed. Let’s put it bluntly, we weren’t getting anywhere.  The argument that Senator Craig is a “hypocrite” is interesting, mainly due to the fact that Craig’s never been a hugely vocal opponent of homosexual rights. He voted that way, never talked about it much. Senator Craig was much more driven by agriculture.

Second point is that the argument in regards to the homosexual rights issue is little more than the old fallacy that liberals love (and a few conservatives too), Ad Hominem Tu Quoque which is illustrated below via a fallacy website:

Bill: “Smoking is very unhealthy and leads to all sorts of problems. So take my advice and never start.”
Jill: “Well, I certainly don’t want to get cancer.”
Bill: “I’m going to get a smoke. Want to join me Dave?”
Jill: “Well, I guess smoking can’t be that bad. After all, Bill smokes.”

The same logical fallacy repeated a thousand times is no less fallacious.

Also, “The argument, you can’t be a homosexual and oppose creation of hate crimes or you can’t be a homosexual and oppose gay marriage.” If you do, you’re a traitor to your group. Thus, the great problem with liberalism. They love you if you’re part of some designated group as long as you think like a member of that group ought. The moment you think as an inidividua,l you’re a traitor to whatever box you’ve been placed in.

I also found it quite novel that homosexuals soliciting sex in restrooms is entirely the fault of the Republican Party or entirely a Republican Party activity.

This little post hasn’t avoided a mention on Digg where the liberal digger writes:

This didn’t take long. Moments after the national media gets word that the Republican Senator from Idaho pleaded guilty to lewd conduct in a Minneapolis Airport restroom, one conservative blogger is already calling for him to resign. Doesn’t seem that loyalty that conservatives have for the Republican Party is very strong.

Apple Ann fires back:

What a dumb statement. It could only come from the party of no accountability. When the Dems are mired in scandal they are promoted and re-elected. Teddy Kennedy, his out of control son Patrick, Barney Frank (boyfriend running a prostitution ring out their townhouse), Wm Jefferson, John Murtha, on and on. Republicans hold their own accountable, usually calling for resignation. That’s what I call loyalty to the party. Try it sometime.

Couldn’t say it better myself. Indeed, one of the reasons the GOP lost in 2006 is staying too long with folks like Duke Cunningham and Bob Ney.

Finally, I see Binky Boy’s in his usual mood:

What a wonderful day. I think I’ll open up a cellar door wine and just kick back and watch the news have a field day with this.

For all the liberals who say they aren’t happy about what happened to Craig, here’s what I’m talking about when I refer to celebratory liberals.

Update III:

Linked by Patrick Ruffini and Hugh Hewitt


Linked by Ridenbaugh. Bill at Free In Idaho has also called for Senator Craig’s resignation.

Dan Popkey posted the results of the Idaho Statesman Investigation.

Let me say this, I do think all this talk going on many blogs right now about who will replace Senator Craig is a tad unseemly right now.

I’m reminded of the Apocryphal story of an ambitious officeholder who heard that a key Lincoln Administration official had passed away. He ran to the White House, got into see the President and told him, “I want to take John’s place.” Lincoln shot back, “If it’s all right with the undertaker, it’s all right with me.”

There’s a time to discuss the future of politicians and their blind ambition (or in the case of Shelia Sorenson, blonde ambition.) but now is not the time.

Update V

Radical Russ chimes in. Won’t go into all the details. He points out I’ve not called for the resignation of David Vitter. No, I haven’t. The issue with Vitter is 6 years in the rearview mirror and has been dealt with, with his wife.

Russ summarizes what the issue is:

It’s not Craig’s gay conduct, whether it’s being caught in the men’s room john or it’s coming out on the cover of The Advocate… to paraphrase an old Clinton campaign slogan, it’s the hypocrisy, stupid!

As stated above, it’s the logical fallacy, stupid. This isn’t an argument, it’s a scorched Earth strategy to intimidate anyone from opposing you.

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  1. Comment by Bill Garrett

    Speaking as a Democrat (who is posting here in the spirit of free and respectful speech), I don’t take any particular pleasure in the embarrassment and resignation of a sitting Senator. I believe that people ought to be comfortable with who they are, and that if people feel that homosexuality is a shameful thing, they can only approach it in ways that bring shame to themselves and their families. I pray for the same love and happiness for him and his family that I would wish upon anyone, remembering 1st John 4:7 – “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.”

  2. Comment by W. Lane Startin

    As I told you a few weeks ago, I couldn’t care less if Larry Craig is gay. Still don’t. That said, I’m utterly dumbfounded by this. He of all people should know better.

    I guess it’s going to be LaRocco/Risch III after all.

  3. Comment by Stuart & Robert Wyman-Cahall

    Of course he should resign immediatly. The people of Idaho should have a gay reprentive who actually believes in employmnet non-discrimination instead of voting against it, a representative who actually believes in hate crimes legislation (1 in 6 crimes are committed against gay folks simply for who we are) instead of voting against it, and to protect the sanctity of ALL marriages (my spouse and I were married in Canada because of well intentioned men like Sen. Craig) insead of voting against it.
    Idahoans should read his comments on his vote to impeach President Clinton.
    It should no longer be enough to ask for grace, healing, and a fresh start in life for a man who has used his senate votes to harm hard working and upstanding gay Americans who choose to live our lives openly and NOT in a public restromm!
    Stuart & Robert Wyman-Cahall
    Las Vegas, NV

  4. Comment by Doctor Gonzo

    That comment from “the left” doesn’t equate “being gay” with adultery and soliciting sex. It means that sadly, Senator Craig belongs to a political party that thinks that homosexuals are sinners, shameful, evil, second-class citizens, etc. Sadly, he chooses to stay in the closet about his identity instead of being open about it, but in that kind of political environment, what can you do? I’d prefer to live in a world where the sexual activities of consenting adults don’t matter to either party at all. One party believes in this. The other party doesn’t.

  5. Comment by James

    I too feel some sympathy for Sen. Craig. As an openly gay man myself, I do know a number of gay men, some of them married to women, who are closeted. Others are closeted because they wish to leave their personal lives private. Some because their jobs or professions would be in jeopardy. I respect the wishes of all of those people in how they conduct their private lives. I also have a number of friends who choose or are lucky enough, like myself, to live openly (I don’t announce it to everyone I meet, but it does come up). I don’t see the “disreputable scoundrels whose blind hatred will in the end threaten the survival of our Republic” as those on the left, some of whom might take a certain glee in Craig’s fall. Rather, those Republicans who try to use the scary specter of gays as threstening to marriage, family, and yes “the survival of our Republic” as a wedge issue seem to be a larger threat. Come on folks, we are in your community as productive, tax paying members…in your political parties, churches, and other organizations. My circle of gay and lesbian friends includes teachers, doctors, bankers, clergy, carpenters, nurses, laborers, business and agricultural people, fathers (I have 3 kids) and mothers. Whether you know it or not, we are members of your family. Most of us are low key, some of us are flamboyent. I am offended when a politician or a political party uses gay and lesbian people to divide us from other members of the community. I am sorry to say that, from my viewpoint, the Republicans use this tactic regularly. A member of a political party which tries to demonize us, and who is himself gay (or perhaps bisexual) is fair game if it reveals the hypocrisy.

  6. Comment by za

    mcjoan was mentioning Craig being gay because of his hypocrisy, and because in the Republican party one has to hide in the closet to get elected. Craig is a “family values” Republican, which means that he is homophobic. And a homosexual. Get it? Hypocrisy.

    So, why doesn’t the Republican party just quit using the issue of homosexuality to lure homophobic voters to the polls, in order to get their “family values” candidates elected? End the hypocrisy!!!!!

  7. Comment by Adam Graham

    First of all, I don’t think Senator Larry Craig has been hypocritical. He’s never been a huge “family values” guy. This is really ultimately identity politics. “If you’re homosexual, you better support same sex marriage and creating hate crimes for homosexuality. You’re black, you better support racial preference and quotas. Woe to you if you disagree.

  8. Comment by idahogie

    I find this odd that even the left is equating Craig’s conduct with merely “being gay.” So, according to the left, adultery and solicity lewd conduct in a public restroom is just part of what goes along with “being gay?”

    Interesting things that come out when liberals are on the attack.

    You really gotta stretch to insult liberals, don’t you? Craig’s homosexuality was the not-so-secret secret for the last year. Not adultery or lewd conduct. And the anti-gay position of the GOP is the source of the hypocrisy here.

    Stop trying to prove non-existent homophobia on the part of the left, just to make yourself feel better.

  9. Comment by An Anonymous American Patriot

    Wow, Adam. You are remarkably free with your comments. I see this very infrequently on conservative blogs – kudos to you! I am a daily kos visitor, and can’t commend you enough on your un-censored speech.

  10. Comment by Ray Olsen

    Being gay is OK by me, even being a gay Republican is OK (if puzzling). But being anti-gay, hypocritical, and promoting anti-gay agendas while being GayInTheCloset deserves maximum spotlighting. As the joke goes: “I tried to vote a straight Republican ticket, but could not find enough straight Republicans.”

  11. Comment by Adam Graham

    I would again say that Senator Craig has never preached against homosexuality, but I repeat myself. Thanks for the comment Anonymous American Patriot.

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