September 2, 2007

Oil Companies Vindicated

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Podcast Show Notes 

Today, we lead off with reaction to Senator Larry Craig (R-ID.)’s resignation. Bryan Fischer gets it right while one liberal Idaho blogger says it’s Karma for Senator Craig’s opposition to homosexual rights bills. Yeah and according to liberal Robert Kennedy, Jr., God punished thousands of people in Louisiana and Mississippi with Hurricane Katrina because Haley Barbour was a lobbyist once. Liberals are quite compassionate.

  • Donna Brazille (former Gore campaign manager) signals that reform may be on the way in our twisted and mangled primary process.
  • Also the FTC has concluded that big oil wasn’t price gouging, but rather market forces including too little supply and too much demand were to blame. The Democrats are trying to draw attention to oil companies rather than to the fact that we’ve got billions of barrels of oil at ANWR and off the coast that aren’t being tapped and that America still hasn’t built a new refinery in decades.
  • Virginia Republicans plan some get tough measures on illegal immigration. Makes more sense than waiting for Washington to figure it out.
  • While the anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster have brought much criticism of the Bush Adminstration. Overlooked has been the fine work of public and private organizations in rebuilding. To not honor the good work these people have done to score political points is the height of grandstanding.
  • While liberal bloggers and Democrats who were elected to Congress have forgot the need to clean up the earmarks mess in Washington, Ned Lamont hasn’t and he takes his party to task in a must read piece. (Hat Tip: Club for Growth.)
  • An abortion tragedy in Britain. (Hat Tip: Jill Stanek)
  • Microfinancing is being used to build schools in the developing world.
  • African Bishop and American Conservative priests take a hard line against the apostacy of the American Episcopal Church and the weakness of Archbishop of Cantebury Rowan Williams’ leadership.

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