Podcast: Interview with Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Darrell Castle May 10, 2016

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I interview Darrell Castle, Constitution Party candidate for President of the United States.

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Podcast: Super Tuesday 2016 March 3, 2016

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Adam Graham and David Oatney break down the results of Super Tuesday.

Cruz’s Strategy Threatens to Throw Race to Trump (Drumpf)

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Ted Cruz is pursuing his “two man race” strategy even if it means throwing Florida’s 99 delegates to Donald Trump.

Podcast: I Endorse Marco Rubio February 29, 2016

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Why I’m voting for Marco Rubio.

For President Marco Rubio February 27, 2016

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For those who followed me on Social media, I’ve been pretty clear what I’m against when it comes to the 2016 Presidential race, but I’ve had less to say about who I’m for since Governor Mike Huckabee left the race for the Presidency.

I’m officially endorsing Marco Rubio for President of the United States and he will have my vote on March 8th. I believe that he has the financial resources to carry the fight against Donald Trump’s fraud, indecency, and authoritarian tendencies all the way to Cleveland and prevail.

More importantly, I believe he offers a contrast to Donald Trump. In Donald Trump, we’re offered bluster, we’re offered a man who preys on people’s fear, anger, and ignorance, and stokes those fires of rage so that they will think their only hope is to vote for him.

Marco Rubio is cut from a different cloth. He is a principled conservative with a 98% Conservative Rating from the American Conservative Union, but he is also a person who speaks to our best hopes and dreams for our  country. He speaks in a way that inspires optimism about our country and after these last dark divisive years, Marco Rubio would represent a needed change.

He’s un-apologetically pro-life and will defund Planned Parenthood. He will stand for religious liberty and I trust him to pick the next Justices of the Supreme Court. If he is elected, he will be the most Conservative president America has ever had and he has a record of advocating and fighting for conservative principles.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that I don’t agree with all that Senator Rubio did in his career. The Gang of Eight immigration bill he pushed in 2013 was a mistake. It failed because you cannot address anything on immigration until you secure the border. Government has broken trust too often with the American people  I can understand why he supported it: with Obama as President, the only way our border would be secured is if a comprehensive deal was reached. However, Senator Rubio has learned from his mistake and has made clear that as President he will secure the border first.  Some will call the Gang of Eight an unforgivable betrayal. I’ll call it a mistake. I do not believe a healthy or wise political movement identifies otherwise outstanding leaders as “heretics” and excommunicates them.

As for Senator Cruz, I would vote for him in a second over Donald Trump, however all things being equal, I prefer Marco Rubio. In addition, I do not see a path to the nomination for Senator Cruz (Leon Wolf of Red State writes more extensively on this.) Governor John Kasich is a good man but I can’t trust him on religious liberty. As for Ben Carson, he’s a good man, but not long for this race.

This has been a long and difficult campaign and during such a campaign many things will be said that candidates don’t mean. If you wonder about the conservative bona fides of Senator Marco Rubio, I want you to consider this statement by a well-known conservative to Senator Rubio and the entire nation. Keep in mind this was  a statement he made after the Gang of Eight bill. H

“You inspire me. Senator Marco Rubio is a critical national leader…Let me tell you, I don’t know if there’s any more effective, more articulate, more persuasive voice for conservative principles than my friend, Marco Rubio. ..His victory in 2010 was a transformational moment in American politics.”

Who heaped such praise on Marco Rubio even after the Gang of Eight bill? None other than the junior Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. (See: here)

In the end, I choose hope. I choose a proven pro-life conservative who can grow the Republican Party and the conservative movement. I choose a leader who has the intelligence and the personal skills to address the challenges our country faces. I choose one of the best-informed voices on foreign policy in our party I endorse Marco Rubio for President.


The Yuge South Carolina Primary Podcast Which Mexico Will Pay For February 21, 2016

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Mexico will be billed for this podcast in which Adam Graham and David Oatney discuss how Donald Trump won South Carolina, Hillary won Nevada, and what happens next.

The Man Who Could Have Been King February 15, 2016

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Many Americans have romantic ideas about revolutions. We cheer the overthrow of bad regimes by violent force to bring change in other parts of the globe. In recent years, revolutions that Americans have cheered have led to the rise of state sponsors of terrorism. In the past, “the people” declaring revolutions led to the reign of terror in the eighteenth century, and the mass genocide of Stalinism and Mao that left tens of millions dead.

Most revolutions don’t end quite so horrifically. But too often, after thousands of men have given their lives for liberty, those they left behind discover the new boss is the same as the old boss as powerful “freedom fighters” take power over others as the spoils of war.

Imagine, an incompetent government that can’t even pay its own soldiers with a beloved general who was popular both with soldiers and the people. The general could easily exploit his way into leading the disgruntled soldiers to overthrow the government and install him as the new ruler.

George Washington faced the same opportunity as the Continental Congress had failed to make provision to pay its long suffering victorious army.  Washington could have seized power from the weak Congress. Instead, he visited the soldiers and appealed to the soldiers to give Congress more time. As he was reading a letter from Congress, he stumbled over several words. It was then, that he removed from his coat pocket, a pair of spectacles and offered an apology.  “Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for I have not only grown gray but almost blind in the service of my country.”  This simple gesture moved the soldiers who voted unanimously to except civilian rule.

Washington resigned his commission and returned to Mount Vernon to private life, with the respect of his country who would call him to Chair the Constitutional Convention and then to be President of the United States. President, and not king as he could have been.

February 15th will be heralded in most places as, “Presidents Day,” a time for sales on couches and mattresses with talking Washington and Lincoln cartoons to hawk their wares. However, the Federal Holiday isn’t President’s Day. The federal Holiday is still listed as Washington’s Birthday.  It’s not a day to honor the good and bad of the more than forty men who’ve come after him, but a day to honor the greatest of our Founding Fathers.

The Presidency is defined today by a never-ending quest to obtain the office and to maintain it. Yet, Washington’s birthday points us back to an extraordinary man who was quite different. He won a Revolution, but that’s not why he’s remarkable. What’s remarkable is that he won the Revolution, resigned his commission, and returned home.

A bad man would have been tempted to take power for ego and a lust to rule over others. Even a good man could decide that he would make a fine king and do a much better job running this country for the people than those idiots in Congress. Yet, Washington went back to his farm, which is why America is a republic today.

Washington was flawed and imperfect like all of us, but his selfless service to country and his dedication to the principle of republican government raise a standard which more of our politicians should aspire to.

Podcast: The Rest: A Look at the Surviving GOP Candidates February 14, 2016

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With the best candidates eliminated, Adam Graham takes a look at what remains of the GOP field.

Podcast: Our Man Huck (EP17): A Lost Cause that Was Worth Fighting For February 2, 2016

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Adam Graham reflects on Mike Huckabee’s withdrawal and the faithful campaign he ran for President.

Podcast: The Undercard Pundits: Caucus Night in America

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Adam Graham is briefly joined by David Oatney as they discuss the Iowa Caucus results.