December 5, 2007

Personality is the Key to the Presidency

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Podcast Show Notes

Why has Thomas Sowell never run for President, one of his readers asked today. One need only look at the juggernaut of Mike Huckabee and realize the issue: personality is King in his campaign, and along with money remains the most powerful force in American politics.

However, in the interest of Truth, we expose the deception of the Fred Thompson campaign in regards to Huck’s Imus Interview and what he really said on Don Imus,

Also from the, “She probably didn’t do anything wrong, but boy this sure looks rotten” category, Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) illustrates why earmarks for Corporations lead to (if nothing else) the appearance of corruption. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.)

Finally, we take a look at a so-called “racial profiling” case.  (Hat Tip: Stop the ACLU.)

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