December 11, 2006

Podcast #162: TheNativity Story Review

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The Adam Graham Program #8 – The Nativity Story Review

Adam Graham gives his thoughts on the Nativity Story

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  1. Comment by Bubblehead [Member]

    We saw it Friday night, and thought it was pretty good. I was disappointed, though, that they didn’t include the family’s visit to Jerusalem and their interaction with Simeon and Anna. I imagine the movie would strike a special chord with Catholics, given the special place Mary has in their hearts.

  2. Comment by Adam Graham [Member]

    Simeon and Anna could have added a little to the story, I’ll give you that. It’s hard though to get everything in. The problem they had was having the wisemen arrive at the time of birth, rather than a year or two later like the Bible does. So, the wise man arrive, King Herod follows hard after killing the innocents of Bethlehem, no time for the circumcision scene in Jerusualem.

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