August 13, 2007


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Truth and Hope Show Notes

Oink! Today’s edition of the Truth and Hope Report is all about pork, with a round-up of recent pork spending news, including:

  • The bi-partisan sham of earmarks reform, and how the House is becoming a House of Corruption.

  • Who got the most earmark money in the last appropriating season and who got none at all.

  • In the “for the Children” Health Care bill recently passed by the House is a secret provision that raises Medicare Payments to certain favored hospitals through bizarre mechanations (ex: one hospital located on the Wisconsin-Michigan, border 200 miles from Chicago was declared to be “in Chicago” in order to receive higher Medicare payouts. By the way, did I mention the fiscally responsible Congress is doing this as Medicare’s headed towards bankruptcy? (Hat Tip: Captain’s Quarters)

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