April 28, 2008

Post of the Day for April 27, 2008

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A picture is worth 1000 words. So here’s a 1000 word post of the day:

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Quote of the Day: To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.-George Mason 

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  1. Trackback by Leaning Straight Up

    SCOTUS rules: Voter ID laws are constitutional…

    Told ya so.  Now, watch as the world comes unglued and the liberals implode that actual accountability is a part of voting.

     Via AP:

    WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Monday that states can require voters to produ…

  2. Trackback by Woman Honor Thyself

    FAT-wa on Barbie?…

    Perhaps a preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran, might actually be a bit of a blow to world terrorism and just might significantly reduce our problems with the terrorist state of Syria, the Hezbullies and Ham-ASS.
    Ya think?

  3. Trackback by Leaning Straight Up

    Today’s SCOTUS Voter Fraud ruling is a victory for common sense, and a slap in Obama’s face…

    I blogged about this this morning, but the real scope of the ruling is just now being fleshed out, and a few things have occurred to me.

    First of all, as I said earlier, this is a complete victory for common sense.  It just makes simple sense…

  4. Comment by bernie

    Just FYI, I linked to your article from Barbie Conquers Iran, Excerpt: …”without coercion, people will always choose to be like Americans. If Muslims were free to abandon their faith without fear of being whipped, tortured, burned and killed, and were exposed to American culture, in short order, Islam would cease to exist.”

  5. Trackback by Wolf Pangloss

    Kuntzel on the Iranian Antisemitic Martyr State…

    Matthias Küntzel lays out the scary truth about Iranian hopes, particularly those of Mahmoud AhmediNajad.
    In his first major speech, in October 2005, the one that gained him notoriety, Ahmadinejad declared that the Zionist regime in Israel “must…

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  7. Trackback by Faultline USA

    Dallas CBS Affiliate Buries Negative Jeremiah Wrig…

    It would appear that although most of the national news media and pundits both left and right have labeled Wright’s latest comments as egocentric and harmful to Obama, CBS 11 Dallas has chosen sides and Wright has won this battle. This is not a good ….

  8. Trackback by Right Truth

    The problem is ignorance, as Obama turns tail and denies Rev. Wright and his church…

    As I type this, Barack Obama is on television denouncing his ‘old uncle’, his 20 year spiritual adviser and mentor. Seems Obama’s political advisers got through to him, advised him his campaign was in the crapper thanks to Rev. Jeremiah…

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  10. Trackback by Woman Honor Thyself

    Obesity CauseS Global WarminG?…

    To heck with calories..you’d better start countin carbon footprints.

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