January 6, 2008

Public Serpents

Posted by Adam Graham in : Podcast,Presidential Race 2008

Podcast Show Notes

The New Hampshire GOP rightfully bows out of  the Fox News Republican Debate due to their decision to exclude Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter.

Meanwhile, Joe Lierbman says John McCain has better judgment than to put him on the ticket, unlike that other guy.

Our efficient campaign finance system: We find out Arlen Specter’s campaign received nearly $1 million in excessive donations, 3 years after the election. (Hat Tip: Club for Growth.)

Meanwhile, Rep. Richard Baker (R-LA) shows where his heart is as he considers leaving Congress after 23 years to lead a lobbying group for a hedge fund, which he helped regulate from the Financial Services Committee. By the way, did I mention that his special election will cost Louisianans a few hundred thousand dollars?

Glenn Beck comes to Idaho Falls to perform a benefit for a family in need.


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