October 16, 2007

Religious Freedom v. Political Correctness

Posted by Adam Graham in : Podcast

Podcast Show Notes 

The attack on religious faith in the public square continues with the latest Ann Coulter flap.  Her statements no matter how inartful are basic Christianity.  Besides leftists have expressed similar viewpoints.

Now, we even have the ACLU trying to read a coach’s mind (Hat Tip: Idaho Values Alliance.) while an English priest gets a visit from police for expressing an opinion on a Muslim Veil controversy. (Hat Tip: Right Mind.)

 Two parents kidnap their adult daughter, tie her up, hold her at gun point, tackle her, and throw her to the ground, so they can smuggle her out of state to force her get an abortion. The punishment: counseling. Inexplicable but for the abortion issue.

Also, pro-life laws work in Georgia. (Hat Tip: Red State.)

And more congressional corruption: this time 3 Washington State Democrats have a fishy boat earmark.

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  1. Comment by Tom Spencer

    Grammar 101, Subject/verb agreement:

    “The attacks on religious faith in the public square continues…” is incorrect.

    Try either:
    The attack on religious faith… continues
    The attacks on religious faith… continue

  2. Comment by Steve Johnson

    It’s interesting that you call the reaction to Coulter’s comments an “attack on religious faith”, since Coulter’s comments themselves are an attack on religious faith, specifically the faith of Jews.

    BTW, your word “inartful” does not exist in the English language.

  3. Comment by Adam Graham

    Are grammar riffs all you can add to discussions?

  4. Comment by Adam Graham

    First of all, “inartful” has been commonly used for quite some time. http://volokh.com/posts/1190736856.shtml . I have to say grammar riffs, particularly in that instance are lame.

    As to Coulter’s comments, it was not an attack on the Jewish people. She was asked a question and responded with the traditional Christian answer. Coulter’s aim also wasn’t to shut up Jewish people who would disagree with her in the name of political correctness, nor did she set out to say anything about Judaism. She merely explained her beliefs and that of most Christians.

  5. Comment by Steve Johnson

    Your link is broken.

    I didn’t say she attacked the Jewish people, I said she attacked the Jewish faith. You accused her critics of attacking ‘religious faith’, and I merely asserted that she was also attacking religious faith, albeit the faith of Jews.

    To assert that this is “the traditional Christian answer” is really not fair to a lot of us Christians who value kindness, humility, and grace.

  6. Comment by Adam Graham

    There’s a big difference between traditional Christianity and PC liberalism. The content of the answer she gave is one that orthodox Christian apologists, the church fathers, etc. would agree with.

    As for attack, all she said when asked was that the world would be better if everyone was Christian.

  7. Comment by Steve Johnson

    Ahhh, I understand now. It was “PC liberalism” that kept me from calling you a religious bigot.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

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