July 5, 2013

Robo Dinosaurs at Zoo Boise

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Let me preface this blog post by saying:

1) I love animal and I love the zoo.

2) My wife and I hold an annual pass to Zoo Boise.

3) We were upset when the monkey was killed by the burglar there several months back.

I say all that to say that overall I really enjoy the zoo and there’s a lot of great things to see there from Butterflies to Giraffes.

However, today I encountered something that was disquieting: robotic dinosaurs have invaded Zoo Boise. The park is full of several of these large metal beasts. The design ranges from lifelike T-rex to the somewhat less implausible looking specimens.

And they roared.


All the time.

It was hard to find a single corner of the zoo where you couldn’t hear dinosaurs “roaring.” I couldn’t help but wonder if some of the animals were bothered by the noise. None showed it full proof, but it bugged my wife and I.

Yet the kids at the zoo to love them and be fixated on them. Adults had some mixed reaction. I heard one guy say, “I didn’t know the dinosaurs would be such a big distraction.”

At times, I felt like at 32, I’d become just an old grump unable to relate to kids joy at the dinosaurs. Maybe, I was too worried about the noise to really enjoy it.

I did have some fun with a t-rex later. But I think it comes back to what that other gentleman said. It’s a distraction from the point of the zoo. The point of a zoo is to enjoy living animals who don’t always roar from lions to tigers, giraffes, the sloth bear, the red panda. These are wonderful masterpieces of Almighty God

We get so much electronic stuff, the zoo ought to be place where we ought to be able to appreciate enjoy the real natural creatures, even in a situation that’s far removed from their natural habitat. The zoo has welcomed several new baby animals, in addition to the existing wonderful stock.

Loud roaring robotic dinosaurs have their place: At a theme park,  or a big science center. But at a zoo, they’re just stealing the show from the creatures who should be on center stage.

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