July 30, 2007

The Anti-Reform Ethics Bill

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Award Nominated Truth and Hope Report Show Notes

The Democrats said they’d reform Congress, they haven’t. The final draft of Ethics Reform arrived and it’s weak, particularly when it comes to earmarks. The original Senate Ethics reforms bill required we have searchable listings of earmarks, the new one, forget about it. The Original Bill had the Senate Parliamentarian in charge of deciding if a bill was in compliance, the new bill puts Harry Reid in charge. I bet that makes Harry’s lobbyist relatives happy. More info at Captain’s Quarters and Red State.

Congressman Zach Space (D-Oh.) promised not to take funds from lobbyists. However, our friends at MajorityAP.com found Rep. Space took $4,250 from lobbyists already. Another broken from the new Democratic Majority. What a surprise.

Reuters reports that with the country falling apart, the Iraqi parliament is going out on a month’s vacation. Congratulations, we’ve achieved American-style democracy in Iraq.

Then we report how NASA has lost $94 million in office equipment. How many businesses would stay open with that type of occurrence? (Hat Tip: Sam Adams Alliance).

We turn our attention to an arrogant University President who refuses to apologize for outlandish spending at taxpayer expense.

Finally, our national government says they don’t have the resources to help Virginia deport criminal aliens. So, let me get this straight, our national government refuses to enforce the border and then won’t help clean up the problem.

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