July 27, 2007

The Destruction of the Supreme Court

Posted by Adam Graham in : Podcast

Award Nominated Podcast Show Notes

The left led by Snarlin’ Arlen Specter (R-PA) (one of G.W. Bush’s biggest mistakes was saving his 2004 primary campaign) wants to investigate (hat tip: Jill Stanek) Alito and Roberts, while a Leftist author proposes stacking the court (hat tip: Da Binkster) to address the Supreme Court going against popular opinion (apparently agreeing with 70% of the American people on Partia Birth Abortion goes against public opinion.) Apparently, the left has never considered the concept of escalation. Liberals increase the number of judges 11, Republicans increase 15, Democrats go up to 21, Republicans go up to 29… Really, it makes a joke of our system and makes the court more political than it already is.

Also, tired of corrupt earmarks? We discuss the great common sense reform plan by Congressman John Campbell (R-CA) that lays out the conservative case. Hint to some clueless Idaho liberals, the plan is not to get rid of all federal projects, only expose them to the light of day and insure some common sense.

Finally, some great news: the adoption rate is up, but there are still some serious opportunities in the midst of the great news. We’ll discuss that.

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