August 31, 2007

The GOP Strikes Back

Posted by Adam Graham in : Podcast

The Republicans are slamming the door on states that move their primaries up.  It’s great that both parties are handing out sanctions, but we need an answer to this mess and no, it’s not a national primary. (Hat Tip: Outside the Beltway.)

Also, deportation is having limited effect as folks are coming back across the border.  Hey, a Sane person turns off a faucet before trying to mop up a mess from a sink that overflowed. Why can’t our border policy make sense and instead looks like a mad man mopping the floor with the faucet on?

Finally, politically correct nonsense runs amuck as one Colorado school prohibits tag.

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  1. Comment by Aakash

    Adam, I had totally forgotten that you do audio commentaries, in addition to weblog postings. (This shows how long I’ve been out of the Blogosphere…)

    Keep up the good work.

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