May 9, 2008

The GOP’s Problem

Posted by Adam Graham in : Politics

John Hawkins summarizes Republican’s basic problem right well:

In other words, to many conservatives, the Republican Party has ceased to be an organization that serves their interests and has become merely an allied organization that shares many, but not all, of the same critical goals.

That may seem like a small distinction, but it’s an important one. Conservatives will stay up late volunteering for a campaign, give until it hurts, and crawl over broken glass to put candidates in Washington who’re “on their side.”

However, it’s a totally different ball game when we’re talking about mere allies. Why give money and spend precious time volunteering on the campaigns of people who are going to turn right around and cut you off at the knees on spending and illegal immigration once they get to DC?

Read the whole thing.


  1. Comment by Cameron

    I don’t think this is anything new. Nor is it confined to the Republican Party. It explains the votes that Ralph Nader gets, and explains the animosity found in the Democratic primary to date.

  2. Comment by Adam Graham

    It’s new in the sense of the level of disgust in the GOP. Example in 2004, I went from my call center job to my car in the parking lot and made calls into Florida for George W. Bush. It would be a cold day in Hades before I would do that for John McCain.

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