March 5, 2008

The Integrity of Elections Under Attack

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Podcast Show Notes

The integrity of elections is under attack. In Pennyslvania, Democratic legislators are forging signatures to get on the ballot. (Hat Tip: Sam Adams Alliance.) while illegal aliens register voters in Washington. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.)

John Conyers dreams of a racially divisive reparations measure under President Obama.

And an anti-poverty program that could work.

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  1. Comment by Rosemary

    Since we all know as much about this, why is it that we are paralyzed to do anything about it? We could, as CITIZENS, get petitions signed so that we can force the government’s hand as far as requiring Identification for voters. We could also require identification for each signature. I could go further, but I don’t want to hurt my brain at this moment. This has been a beef of mine for a very long time. What integrity? …

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