August 28, 2007

The Larry Craig Story Continues

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I’ve decided to stop posting updates on the old post. Larry Craig’s press conference really didn’t answer much:

For a moment, I want to put my state of mind into context on June 11. For eight months leading up to June, my family and I had been relentlessly and viciously harassed by the Idaho Statesman.

Wow, a few things here, let’s first admit that the Idaho Statesman was involved in a witch hunt of Senator Craig. Indeed, the tactics and sleazy yellow journalism practiced by the Statesman should have it renamed as “The Enquirer.”

But that doesn’t explain why Craig plead guilty. If Craig were slammed before a judge on June 11th, I’d understand a guilty plea. Craig didn’t enter the plea until August 8th. He had nearly two months to think about this and pleaded guilty. However, blaming others, including an agenda-driven paper that’s headed towards tabloid status, doesn’t deflect the charges against Senator Craig. This part of Craig’s statement is even more puzzling:

Furthermore, I should not have kept this arrest to myself, and should have told my family and friends about it. I wasn’t eager to share this failure, but I should have done so anyway.

Now, reading Craig’s earlier statements that the event was a misunderstanding, how did the arrest constitute a failure? The very wording portends ill for the Senator. While the Senator apologizes for putting a cloud over Idaho, that cloud will linger as long as he does in the Senate. Senator McConnell is calling for an investigation by the Ethics Committee. This will mean more questions, more embarrassment. At some point, this has to end. And now is the time for Senator Craig to come home and let another go up to Washington who can represent Idaho without this continual burden.

Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance with a heavy heart calls for Senator Craig to resign, but also notes the reaction of the far left:

As the Executive Director of the Idaho Values Alliance, I received approximately five dozen emails and phone calls from homosexuals and gay sympathizers from all over the country yesterday afternoon and evening. The one thing they all shared in common was an unseemly glee over the senator’s apparent fall from grace.

Not one expressed compassion for the senator, or for the toll this incident must be taking on his family. To have such utter disregard for the anguish involved in this circumstance, from the very people who pride themselves on their compassion, is both revealing and disappointing. Perhaps they are not the paragons of tolerance they imagine themselves to be.

It is certainly time for people of faith to pray for Senator Craig and for his family, and my wife and I will be among those who lift him up before the God of grace and mercy.

Yeah, the compassion and tolerance is really a mask for a darker sort of gloating and hatred. This is all over the Internet. Like Reverend Fischer, I pray that Senator Craig and his family are able to come to peace and healing.


The Idaho Falls Register also made their own appeal to Senator Craig:

Craig engaged in deception, and because of that, he can’t be trusted. Craig’s credibility is shattered. He cannot seek another term in the U.S. Senate. And he can’t serve effectively in the remaining 16 months of his term. … Those supporters who begged him to run again now feel alienated and embarrassed. Which of his fellow senators will want to be associated with him and his scandal? In fact, Craig’s already parted ways with the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. And where in his home state – or anywhere else – can Craig appear in public without this story dominating the discussion? It consumes all the oxygen in the room.

The right thing for Idaho and the Craig family is for Larry Craig to resign.


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  2. Comment by Cameron

    The country is awash in glee and punditry right now, all at the expense of Senator Craig.

  3. Comment by Jay S.

    What if it came out that Nancy Pelosi was caught spotlighting deer with an M16A1 on full auto? Or fishing with dynamite? Or any other such trashy behavior. Wouldn’t there be much gloating by the rightwing blogs and media? Wouldn’t she deserve to be called a hypocrite? And it’s 100 times worse given our country’s immature attitude on sex.

    If the paper did something wrong then go after them. Otherwise I’d let it go.

  4. Comment by Adam Graham

    Hypocrisy isn’t an argument, it’s a logical fallacy. I think the Idaho Enquirer has quite a bit to answer for. They’ve been digging into Craig’s sex life for nearly six months and until he got himself arrested they didn’t have much to show for it.

  5. Comment by W. Lane Startin

    Exactly. The Idaho Statesman is completely irrelevant here. At best Popkey was chasing ghosts. If not for Craig doing this to himself there would be no story, period.

  6. Comment by Jay S.

    You can quote all the Latin you want, Adam, but hypocrisy is not a logical fallacy. The logical fallacy is that what two consenting adults do, including marriage, has an affect on you. The logical fallacy is that the party of Falwell, Coulter, and Ted Haggard has the high ground of morality. Most of the time the Republican Party is merely guilty of different sins of equal weight. The Republican Party should use this and Haggard as opportunities to rethink their policy of using homosexuality as a wedge issue and fund raiser.

  7. Comment by T.J.

    I was so sickened by the Foley fallout I called all the GOP I could and let them know I WAS STAYING HOME AND NOT VOTING….(I did fast and pray) until they got their mroal house in order and repented….now here we go again…sadly…the PULPITS are full of HYPOCRITES and CORRUPTION…so is the GOVERNMENT….BIG BUSINESS>…what we’re seeing is the death knell of AMerica unless we cry out with one loud voice, wailing, sack cloth and ashes plea: FORGIVE US JESUS FOR WE HAVE SINNED as a nation..otherwise… will be meaninless and our nation will go into the trash bin of history.

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  9. Comment by Jack

    Why did Craig plead guilty. That is an important question that needs to be answered.

  10. Comment by Adam Graham

    A position is not a logical fallacy. A logical fallacy centers on how we argue the positions. Like it or not, the way that the hypocrisy thing is used is a logical fallacy.

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