April 27, 2008

The Presidential Mash Up

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Podcast Show Notes

The Constitution Party’s amazingly stupid nominating decision.

John McCain ticking off the base is costing him money.

In Alabama, McCain gets a sweetheart deal on rent. (Hat Tip: Pam’s House Blend.)

John McCain riding on his wife’s corporate jet (a new non-scandal.)

Barack Obama’s Socialist/Communist blogger.  

Hillary and religion.

Plus: A future Clinton victimhood claim?

Plus Nancy Pelosi makes her own Bible verse.

The ACLU declares war on border enforcement.

A drug smuggler brings more illegal drugs into the country thanks to the decision to grant him immunity to help prosecute border patrol agents. (Hat Tip: Wizbang.)

Britons marvel at the peacefulness of America despite our guns or perhaps because of them. (Hat Tip: Clayton Cramer.)

School threatens teenagers for wearing a pro-life t-shirt. (Hat Tip: Jill Stanek.)

A student takes a step towards a life of pro-life activism.

Women tell tales of the horrors experienced at Dr. George Tiller’s abortion clinic while Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelus refuses to protect them, but Missouri Governor Matt Blunt (R-MO) signs a similar bill.

Justice Scalia schools 60 minutes on Constiutional Interpretation regarding abortion.

Archbishops disobey the Pope to give communion to pro-abortion politicians.

Women unaware of available pregnancy resources on college campuses.

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rules for free speech.

Government employees misuse credit cards in order to fund luxuries off the backs of taxpayers.

Unions hold up the Columbia Free Trade Agreement in order force Congress to make it easier for unions to intimidate people into joinining and starting unions. Why would they push that? For one thing, being a Union Boss is big money.

A principal in Sparks, Nevada forbids students from gathering in groups of more than 3 unless they’re evolved in an officially organized activity.

Australian Mayor considers a parent letting their 12 year old daughter have sex, a sign of “maturity.”

Amid allegations of child abuse out of a Texas Polygamist Ranch, CNN asks, “What’s the deal with those outfits?”

A Wisconsin Police Officer abuses his authority.

A story from the dumb criminals file.

Sister Toldjah finds a worthy nominee for jerk of the year: an anti-war protester who assaulted a girl in a wheelchair.

New Children’s book helps kids deal with Mommy’s plastic surgery.  (Hat Tip: Crunchy Cons.)

PETA seeks lab grown meat.

Why sending girls outside could help increase their focus and mitigate ADHD.

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  1. Comment by David

    Pelosi’s “new” scripture is a very common sentiment among certain theologically leftist circles, and since such circles regard scripture as a general guideline to be modified to suit their conceptual and preconceptual biases (rather than something to guide them in determining their prioroties), a mythic work that allows them to draw whatever conclusions they wish (such as this one or a blessing of homosexual “marriages” etc.), then she may well honestly believe she is citing scriptire.

    Of course, she may honestly believe much of the other claptrap she utters as well. Doesn’t make it true, simply means she may well be honestly, sincerely deluded.

    And, frankly, that would make her even more dangerous than an openly dishonest, manipulative politician *spit*

  2. Comment by Adam Graham

    When people begin to rewrite the Bible (even with the best of intentions) to serve their own purposes, it’s incredibly dangerous not to mention foolish (see Book of Revelations.)

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