October 16, 2007

The Rockies Are For Real Midweek Open Trackbacks

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My Colorado Rockies made the World Series with a sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks. While they had a remarkable run recently where they’ve gone 21-1, as the Washington Times’  Mark Zuckerman points out, Colorado has been very good since May:

May 22, that’s the real key date in this story. When play began that evening, the Rockies were 18-27. Only three teams in the majors had worse records (the Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals).

All Colorado did from that point was go 72-46 (a .610 winning percentage) to capture the NL wild card, then win six straight in the postseason (entering last night) to put itself on the verge of the franchise’s first pennant.

For those wondering, over that same span the Red Sox are 66-52; the Indians are 69-51.

Anything could happen including the team having their wins taxed by Ted Kennedy.  But for now, the Rockies are the NL Champions and we eagerly await the winner of the ALCS:

Now, onto the Open Trackback Party. First, the rules:

1) Post about anything that’s in good taste. No porn, no spam, no profanity.

2) Send me a trackback of any tasteful post you want and as soon as I check my blog, I’ll update this post with your link provided you link back to this thread. If your software won’t allow you to send trackbacks, just use the Wizbang Standalone Pinger.

3) Deadline is Wednesday at 11:00 PM MT. Further trackbacks won’t be posted after that time.

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