June 14, 2007

The Root of the Problem: Fatherlessness and Families

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Do we want to do something about the problems of the Black Community? Than we must do something about the problem of fatherlessness.

This Reuters story on fatherlessness is the lead item on tonight’s podcast. The costs of fatherlessness and single parenthood to our society and its children are astounding. Liberals tend to seek out government social programs that address symptoms, rather than dealing with the root of the problem: family decline. Sadly, many would rather pretend all lifestyle and family choices are equal in the face of evidence that says they are not.

Also, Republicans apparently reached a deal with Democrats to allow the disclosure of pork-laden secret earmarks in federal spending bills. I’ve been a critic of the Republican Minority when they’ve deserved it, but standing firm on this is key.

It’s also a small victory (and even that’s been called into doubt by some stories since I finished recording an hour ago) but if we can get to the point where our politicians are at least openly spending their pork rather than doing it secretyly, we’ll have made progress. (Hat Tip: Instapundit.)

Meanwhile, a study points out serious flaws in reports on abstinence programs. It seems that in order to get favored results, certain programs were cherry picked which included some common features that greatly increased the risk of failure.

To say teaching abstinence doesn’t work is silly. Some programs don’t work well or aren’t thought out. That doesn’t mean programs can’t work, only that a few haven’t. There are a multitude of different programs and to declare they all “don’t work” is merely wishful thinking. But what can we expect from the American left.

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  1. Comment by Cameron [Visitor]

    I guess I don’t understand the animosity from so many regarding abstinence. Millions of people around the world are capable of having sex only with their spouse. Are they just better than everyone else? Do they have some inate ability to control themselves that others do not possess? Or are they just ticking time bombs of sexual aggression? (I say that only half-joking, as I’ve come across those that actually believe it.)

    If we as socially responsible citizens were really concerned about protecting our youth and ourselves, we would recognize the scientific truths that sex outside of marriage and sex as a teenager is harmful to all involved. We would recognize that contraceptives arent’ nearly as foolproof as we think (look at the stats), and that condoms do not prevent a number of harmful STDs.

    Our society should be wise enough to find effective ways to get that information to everyone, instead of expending so much energy trying to convince ourselves that sex outside of marriage is ok, all the while ignoring the obvious ill effects of our actions.

  2. Comment by Adam Graham [Member]

    It’s an idealogical point, particularly for the ex-hippies running the Democrat party. To them, the sexual revolution itself is at stake.

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