April 15, 2008

Throwing Away the Keyes

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Podcast Show Notes

Alan Keyes is leaving the GOP for a likely third party bid.

John McCain puts out a solid economic plan. Meanwhile, he courts the Log Cabin Republicans over conservative objections.

At the same time, will a plagarism flap at the McCain campaign become a recipe for disaster?

Mike Huckabee launches HuckPac while touting personal responsibility in upstate New York. Speaking of which a study indicates, the cost of Divorce and out of wedlock childbirth at $112 billion.  The Pope argues the importance of marriage for world peace.

The Mayor of Pheonix strikes out at a Sheriff enforcing the law. (Hat Tip: Talk Left.)

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  1. Comment by Rosemary

    Only in America can you cause an upheaval for OBEYING and Following the law of the land. What next? A law against breathing?

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