Trackbacks Policy

I think its time to lay down my official trackback policy so we’re all on the same page:

1) Every Post is Not an open trackbacks post.

I have open Trackbacks posted every Tuesday Morning (for Tuesday and Wednesday) and every Friday Morning. Every post other than that, if you want to link to me, it should be something relevant to what I’ve actually posted in that topic.

Now, if I’m conducting a Trackback party and you trackback to the wrong post, I may move your post to the Open Trackback thread depending on how much I have to do that day. I will not link your post in the main part of the message, but if you have linked to me, I won’t delete your trackback, as long as your site is not offensive, but I also won’t give additional publicity for what amounts to a spamback rather than a trackback.

2) Even for Open Trackbacks, posts will not be linked in the main page, if you don’t have a link to me in the post. Even if I’m in your blogroll, a link to Adam’s Blog needs to be in the post. If you’re trackbacking a post, I’d prefer you link to the post, but linking to the main page is also permissable.

3) For Open Trackbacks as well as normal trackbacks, I’ll not post something on my site that is in poor taste. What might you ask is in poor taste? I’m not going to give a complete list of poor taste possibilities (things like extreme foul language, racism, or disgusting images comes to mind.) but I’ll know it when I see it. Don’t worry too much because I’ve rarely refused to link on that basis.

4)This is the go-forward policy. As always I’ll look at it and revise it as necessary in the future.


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