January 16, 2009

Treasury of Hypocrisy

Posted by Adam Graham in : Barack Obama,Podcast

Podcast Show Notes 

Treasury Secretary Geithner failed to pay taxes he was given money by the IMF to pay. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.)

Maureen Dowd calls Geithner out. (Hat Tip: Wizbang Blog.) while many liberals think Geithner’s tax problems are nowhere near the seriousness of Joe the Plumber’s. (Hat Tip: Red Hot.)

How we’d play Monopoly the modern way. (Hat Tip: Save the GOP.)

The unconstitutional Minnesota recount.

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  1. Comment by David

    Nice roundup. I’d listen to and comment on the podcast, but I’m here via a “deaf and dumb” (and I do mean the “dumb” part in more than one sense :-)) computer.

  2. Comment by Chris Schandevel

    Great post! I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

    I’ve just started a new blog that will be highlighting the dangerous advances of the secular progressive movement (pro-gay “rights”, pro-abortion, anti-religious freedoms, etc). Unfortunately, most Christians still don’t know what’s going on out there and the mainstream media certainly isn’t covering it.

    We’re looking to build a solid group of social conservatives (especially Mike Huckabee supporters) who’ll frequent our site regularly and contribute to some good discussions. I hope you’ll check us out!

    If you’ll add us to your blogroll we’ll gladly add you to ours. Just drop us a comment over at our blog so that we’ll know to add you. Our blog is called Religion and Morality.


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