July 30, 2008

Using A Tragedy For Political Advantage

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By now, few in the country who follow the news regularly have not heard about the tragic church shooting at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church on Kingston Pike in Knoxville Sunday. As my wife so aptly put it, we (East Tennessee) don’t make the national news very often, so when we do, it usually isn’t good. I know of no one in the political community of East Tennessee, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, who isn’t horrified that anyone would burst into a church of any kind or stripe and open fire on innocent men, women, and children.

One of the things we’ve learned about the shooter is that he didn’t have a job, and may have lost it at some point. For some reason, he blamed “the liberal movement” for this, and it is rumored that the man’s ex-wife once attended the Unitarian Church in question. The shooter obviously held a grudge-which was likely his motive-he was down on his luck (or rather down on his life), and he planned and executed a scheme to enter this church and take many lives, and finally his own. As it was, he took two lives, and the actions of a lot of brave men kept him from taking many more.

If we are to believe certain people in East Tennessee (and in some other parts of the country), our shooter wasn’t responsible for the lives he took and the people he injured, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and James Dobson were the responsible parties:

Well. I was afraid of that. Thanks Rush. Thanks Southern Baptist Convention. Thanks Fox News. Thanks National Association of Evangelicals. Thanks GOP. Thanks Focus on the Family. I hope you will at least have enough decency to send flowers to the funerals and the hospitals. The thing I don’t understand is why so many people in our society support these hate mongers when they see the results of their rhetoric acted out.

It is shameful that in a time like this, certain people from the far-Left fringes are attempting to use this tragedy for political advantage, but that is precisely what they are attempting to do. We hear even more of it from the simple-minded Left, accusing us of being simple-minded:

Conservative talk radio targets simple-minded and easily led folks who feel like they are on the fringes of society. It fans the flames of their discontent while neatly ignoring that the gulf between the haves and have-nots is only increased by a conservative agenda.

So it wasn’t a deranged lunatic bent on revenge against people he didn’t even know who was responsible for this terrible deed-no, it was conservative talk radio leading the “simple-minded.”

I have a B.A. in political science with a history concentration, and my favorite writers and thinkers include Locke, Burke, Kipling, Ambrose Bierce, Russell Kirk, William F. Buckley, Harper Lee, Truman Capote, John Grisham, and Plutarch’s Cato the Younger. I guess I’m so simple-minded.

I make no bones about the reality that as an ideology, I have no love whatsoever for modern American liberalism. I believe that most of the evils prevalent in our society today can be traced to the influence of liberals, from abortion to family breakdown to our terribly high divorce rate. I am, philisophically, the Anti-Unitarian. I am a Trinitarian Catholic through the bone to the core, and I hold to the notion that belief in the articles of the Nicene Creed (whether one actually recites that Creed or not) are necessary for salvation, for the Creed is, in turn, based upon the Scriptures.

In spite of the fact that I believe modern liberalism in our modern sense of the term to be filled with error, and despite my belief that the ideology is, in a social sense, responsible for our society’s slow destruction, I will defend to the death the right of any liberal to believe as they do and to practice that belief in the ways that they see fit, in and out of whatever church or house of worship they may or may not see fit to attend-including the Unitarian Church. This is the attitude of nearly every conservative that I know, for we believe that we shall be free to represent the truth so long as others are free to believe whatever errors they might choose to embrace.

I don’t say this because I have liberal friends (I do, plenty of them), or because I want to butter over my beliefs in order to continue the general palor of sorrow that has overtaken both the press and the people of East Tennessee. My beliefs are well-known enough, and I neither intend to water them down nor butter them over. Because I hold to those beliefs so strongly does not make me want to burst into a church full of liberals with a 12-guage and open fire. I couldn’t dream of doing such a thing in my wildest dreams or worst nightmares-such a deed is foreign to my whole thought process. To do such a thing, something else has to be wrong with a person-something that has nothing whatsoever to do with talk radio. If Limbaugh could tip this guy off, so could Franken and Kos and the hatred they spew at conservatives.

This shooting was an unspeakable act of hatred, but it was the fault of the man who committed the crime.

Instead, certain of the Left are content to blame talk radio and spend their time using unsubstantiated quotes attempting falsely to prove a conservative intent to kill liberals.

When you feel the need to use something like this for your own political advantage, that speaks volumes about how desperate you really are.

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  1. Comment by Rosemary

    My first thoughts about this shooting were not of gun-control nuts, who’s to blame (I, too, knew who was to blame), what was wrong in his life (it did not matter); they were, ‘Are the people okay?’ I started to pray for them right then and there.

    It did not matter that they were liberal. It did not matter about anything else, only that they were okay. Then the news came. First there was one dead. Then there was two. I began to harder.

    I don’t care if they are liberals or believe something totally different than I do. YOU DO NOT GO INTO A CHURCH, A HOUSE OF GOD, AND SHOOT PEOPLE. Period.

    Shame on the man who do this evil thing, and shame on those who chose to use this event as a whipping tool. It won’t work on me, and it should not work on anyone else.

    Thanks for the info. I hadn’t known they did not even wait until the true victims were buried.

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