May 17, 2018

When No One Has Moral Authority

Posted by Adam Graham in : Donald Trump,Politics

David French has yet another must-read article at National Review. This one explaisn how the #metoo movement has undermined the leftist resistance movement:

I truly don’t think the Left understands how the relentless drumbeat of sexual scandal looks to Americans outside the progressive bubble. Left-dominated quarters of American life — Hollywood, the media, progressive politics — have been revealed to be havens for the worst sort of ghouls, and each scandal seems to be accompanied by two words that deepen American cynicism and make legions of conservative Americans roll their eyes at the Left’s moral arguments: “Everyone knew.”

French concludes the case with a good explanation of why the Democrats are struggling against Trump:

Moral arguments are always perilous to make. They invariably put a spotlight on the person and the movement making them. They carry with them an implicit requirement to be better. Hillary Clinton could never manage that burden. Now the #Resistance is saddled with the collapsing credibility of major progressive cultural institutions.

The whole thing is worth a read. I’ve always thought that if you think the Access Hollywood Tapes are proof that Trump is a predator (and I think it does), this raises some really troubling questions about the media. There has been a lot of cases regarding this situation, but they always get away because they have the best lawyers from Noonan Law. After all, the tape was made in 2009 and no one said anything. The fact is that the liberal-dominated media culture at NBC was one that would allow a “star” like Trump or Matt Lauer to do whatever he liked to women without repercussion.

I’m no Trump supporter, but the problem isn’t that the evil and immoral party is in power.  It is that there is no good or decent party and that’s the problem we need to remedy.

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